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Q: Who is Ben Bruce?

A: Ben Bruce is the lead guitarist for Asking Alexandria

Q: How old is Ben?

A: Ben is 23! 

Q: When is Ben’s birthday?

A: October 31st, 1988. 

Q: Is he in a relationship?

A: Indeed. 

Q: Does Ben have a twitter account?

A: Yes he does! You can follow him here.

Q: What are the guy’s twitters?

A: DannyAfuckingA

Q: Can I submit posts?

A: Yes you can, here 

Q: Where’s the official YouTube Channel?

A: This one Is Danny’s old youtube channel and has some very VERY old videos on from pre-stand up and scream.

Danny now uses this one 

Asking alexandria’s VEVO where their music videos can be found is this

Q: Other official pages?

A: Facebook
    Official Merchandise (100% Reliable site):
    Official Website
    Danny’s Official Website

Q: How tall is he ?

A: 6”0

Q: What is his middle name? 

A: Ben paul bruce 

Q: What guitar does he use?

A: He has a custom Ibanez guitar.

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